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The corporate website now has a very important place today. Before your customers work with you, they search for your site on Google, they can access your contact information, and they can get information about your services. At this point, you need to impress your customer. Because at this stage, your customer is actually a potential customer. Since you are not an active customer yet, you need to persuade them through your website. You should demonstrate your quality in terms of design and at the same time give satisfactory information in terms of content.

If you have a company, your website must already be. If not, you will suffer a great loss in terms of professionalism. Even if it is simple, having a website will have a positive effect on you in terms of workflow. Your reliability will increase. There is also the issue of the quality of the website you have built. When your potential customers enter your site, they can trust your professionalism in direct proportion to how new generation your design is. You attracted the customer to the site, and you gave some confidence. In the next step, how you talk about your job and how much you inform is very important. If you talk about your services in detail, users who enter your site can access more information about you, perhaps realizing that you are doing something you think you are not doing.

After you have completed your site with everything, you have it published. Next is the question: “How do I attract users to my site?”. For this, you can provide traffic flow to your site by advertising from channels such as Google, Instagram, Facebook. Or, by doing search engine optimization studies, which we call SEO, you will have a permanent place in the top ranks without spending any money on advertising. When users search for your industry on a regular basis, they see your site and you gain potential customers. During our SEO work, we make extra improvements in the speed of your site and make your registrations in tools such as Google Search Console. Then, we follow up regularly and write informative articles about content for search engines. You can click to get detailed information about our SEO service…

As Kullerian Software, we have a lot of corporate website experience. What you need to open a corporate site is a company that will design and control your annual expenses. Hosting, domain and SSL certificate are the costs you have to pay annually. If you wish, we can broadcast your site on our Cloud server at high speed and capacity. Moreover, thanks to the daily backup feature available on very few servers, you will be in a guaranteed position against any mishaps on your site. An attack on your site, etc. We already take adequate security measures for it. When we think of the worst, you will not experience data loss thanks to our backup feature.

Would you like to have a professionally designed corporate site? You can contact us via live support or the information on our contact page and get offers!

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