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Today, E-Commerce websites are of great importance. When we consider platforms such as Amazon and E-bay, the sales volume is much higher than in normal shops. If you have a shop, you can bring your products to the world of informatics. If you are not a shop owner, you can still sell your products from your home.

Your e-commerce site is like opening a shop on a street. You make your sales, you get your income. If we compare this shop to search engines, the functionality of the street depends on how high you rank on Google. If you support your E-Commerce site with SEO studies, your site will be higher up and users will find your site more easily. This will increase the number of people visiting your shop.

If you are going to dropshipping or reselling a warehouse, we can also link the XML file provided to your site. In this way, the company you are the dealer of does not have to inform you about the stock status and products. Sales made from any dealer are deducted from the common stock and are automatically updated on your site when there is no product in stock. In this way, you can only deal with your sales and advertising works without dealing with product updates on your site.

As Kullerian Bilişim, we have a lot of E-Commerce site experience. What you need to open an e-commerce site is a company that will design and control your annual expenses. Hosting, domain and SSL certificate are the annual costs you have to buy. If you wish, we can broadcast your site on our Cloud server at high speed and capacity. Moreover, thanks to the daily backup feature available on very few servers, you will be in a guaranteed position against any mishaps on your site. An attack on your site, etc. We already take adequate security measures for it. When we think of the worst, you will not experience data loss thanks to our backup feature.

Would you like to set up an E-Commerce site too? If you wish, you can contact us via live support or by clicking here so that we can discuss the details.

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