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Distance education, which has been expected for a long time but is not clear when it will be passed, started to be needed very much especially during the pandemic period. Going to school and courses was a problem, but not being able to get an education was of course a bigger problem. As a company, we coded our distance education software so that students are not victims and institutions can continue to provide education easily. During the pandemic period, we agreed with 4 institutions, and played a role in the smooth continuation of a total of 18,000 students in 15 branches.

How Does Our Distance Education Software Work?

After we receive the student list of the institution, we first define the students in the system. Each student’s name, surname, student number (if any), user name and password are added to the system. Then the lessons are created and the training videos that the teachers shoot and send are added to the system. Students can access the classes of the class they belong to after logging into the system with their username and password. Relevant teachers can instantly find out which student attends which lesson and at what time. Our institutions can benefit from distance education more efficiently with the attendance system.

Apart from adding lecture videos, live lectures can be given at certain hours. Between 13.00 and 13.40, teachers can give lectures on a broadcast that can only be accessed by students who log in. In this way, our institutions can continue their education uninterruptedly as Offline-Online.

If you want to benefit from our Online Education software, you can contact us.

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