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Auto appraisal reports ensure that second-hand vehicle purchases and sales are carried out with the least amount of worry, and at the same time, they allow you to progress in purchasing by knowing about the second-hand vehicle of which you are a potential buyer. Auto appraisal reports are a comprehensive information report about a vehicle, ranging from the components of your engine to whether there is a change or regional paint on its exterior parts. There are certain software used by appraisal companies to create this report. We, as a company, designed the appraisal software and marketed it to 80 dealers in Turkey.

Appraisal software is also very important for appraisal companies. It needs to be designed in a fast, coordinated, large database and secure structure. With our appraisal software we have prepared as Kullerian Bilişim, you will be able to make data entries easily and generate your report as PDF with one click. You can also print it if you wish. In the program we designed with an admin and dealer login, dealers can create and delete their own reports, while the main admin can access all reports. In the program, you can report a malfunction by sending a message to the main admin, that is, the manager.

The images below belong to our program. You can contact us for detailed information.

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