Corporate Identity Design


What is Corporate Identity Design?

The design of your company’s general materials is called corporate identity design. It includes many materials such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and the design of promotional products if you wish. It is usually done when your company is first opened or when there is a need for innovation. Since new trends are constantly emerging in the field of design, we recommend making innovations in the design of logos, business cards and promotional products at least every 2 years.

Most companies do not make advertising products, but it is important to keep in mind. For example, the products you print such as lighters, flyers, etc. are processed in people’s subconscious as long as they are considered. When you give these sweet little gifts to your environment and your customers, they will happily use them. As the products are used, they will be seen by people and your company name will be etched in their minds, no matter how much people don’t care for that moment. Over time, you’ll become familiar when they need your industry for a job, and that means you’re starting 1-0 ahead.

There are important points to consider during corporate identity design. It is not a subject to be said “I have a logo is enough”. In the veterinary industry, softer logos are usually made to make people feel friendly, while motivational speakers have sharp logos made so that they can find strength from their logos before they even talk to people. A company that provides professional service will provide you with the most suitable solution by conducting sector research. As Kullerian Software, we focus more on the customer aspect after researching your sector and listening to your wishes. This also applies to business cards and other products. How will your customers feel when they look at those products? When a passerby sees your flyer, how will you get their attention? When you give your business card to someone, how can you make them say “I think they are doing quality work…”? We are in the kitchen of the business and we focus on this part.

If you want to have a corporate identity design for your company, you can contact us immediately. You can reach us via live support or our contact menu, ask your questions and get offers.

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